Micro Ohm meter

  • Optimized current generator on inductive objects
  • ​Measurement up to 2,500 Ω, resolution 0.1 μΩ
  • ​Automatic compensation of stray voltages
  • ​Calculation of R at a reference temperature – Pt100 Ω probe
  • ​​Programmable alarms
  • ​Storage of up to 1,500 measurements, Communication with a PC

Digital Multimeter - Graphical

  • Graphical display of the trends for each measurement function 
  • ASYC IV MTX3292 graphical colour recorder-multimeters
  • ​Graphical display of the trends on a summary screen
  • ​​Contextual reminder of the connections
  • ​IP67, CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, IEC 61010-2-033
  • 3 YEAR warranty

Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) portable

  • Oscilloscope 300MHz, multimeter, analyser and recorder modes,
    with the recorded files directly viewable on the oscilloscope.
  • ​Portable, stand-alone, "tablet-icon generation" SCOPIX IV oscilloscope
    with 4 totally-isolated 600 V channels with a 300 MHz bandwidth

  • ​Sampling rate: 2.5 GS/s in one-shot mode and max. 100 GS/s in
    ETS zoom mode

  • ​The multi-channel, 8,000-count, 200 kHz TRMS digital multimeter
    measures the amplitudes, resistance, continuity, capacitance,
    ​frequency and temperatures

  • The multi-channel harmonic analyser is capable of displaying the
    ​first 63 orders

  • All the means of communication are available to optimize your
    ​analyses: wired Ethernet and WIFI, USB and µSD

  • Backlit 7" WVGA TFT colour touch screen on a black background
    ​for easier reading

​Digital Insulation Tester

  • Selectable Test Voltages of 50V,100V,250V, 500V, 1000V DC
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement from 10KΩ to 2GΩ
  • Voltage measurement upto to 600VAC/DC
  • ​Go-No-Go Test facility
  • ​​Pre-selectable timer facility for insulation measurement

Advanced Industrial Multimeter

  • over 14 measurement functions, including AC / DC voltage
    measurement, AC / DC current measurement, resistance, capacity,
    temperature, pulse width, fill factor, frequency

  • The 4~20mA function used for, among others, measurement of
    the control circuits of temperature, pressure, pH or flow sensors

  • ​True RMS for AC voltage and current allows to measure the effective
    ​value of distorted waveforms

  • Colour display with a counting range of up to 50,000 digits,
    a resolution of 320x240 pixels and a diagonal of 3.5 "

  • ​​Built-in Bluetooth

  • Recalling measurement results from the built-in memory for
    ​2000 measurements


  • Compact and magnetized for fixed or portable use
  • Wide backlit display
  • Recording up to 1 million points
  • ​ΔT differential temperature measurement
  • Communicating via USB or Bluetooth

  • Alarms and recording trigger on alarms
  • ​Data Logger Transfer software with automatic report generation
  • ​2 inputs for K, J, T, N, E, R or S thermocouples
  • ​Measurement range: - 210 °C to +1,767 °C

Clamp meters

  • True RMS, 33⁄4 digits (4000 counts)
  • ​600V AC / DC & Up to 1000A AC / DC
  • ​NCV (Non-contact voltage detector) detects presence /
    absence of voltage

  • ​52mm clamp jaw size
  • ​​Auto Power off / Data Hold / Zero Adjustment/ Peak Hold /Backlight

Contact Resistance Meter

  • Large seven segment LED display
  • Back-EMF Protection
  • ​Heat Run Test with time vs resistance graph
  • ​Six measurements range from 20mΩ to 2KΩ
  • 4 Wire Measurement Method
  • ​​PC Interfacing with Software

Solar Panel Tester

  • Better graphical resolution of I-V curves
  • Larger integrated library of panels
  • ​Possibility of measuring on all solar panel technologies
    PV (crystalline, thin-film, etc.)

  • The instrument indicates the result: GO-NOGO
  • ​Pyranometer: up to 2,000 W/m2
  • ​​MPP curve with cursor
  • More than 500 points per curve
  • PMAX power measurement
  • Rs resistance measurement
  • Voltage & Current measurement